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We’re an anywhere-based creative collective that finds the emotional connection between brands and people. Like the artists who met at Café Guerbois, we come together to find the meaning of what we do and the joy in working together to make amazing things.

Our model is a simple innovation in the structure of a marketing agency. We assemble the right team to work on your project and leave behind any of the overhead that complicates projects and inflates budgets.



When the Guerbois team was hired to create a new website for the Calgary Folk Music Festival, the requirements proved much more varied than a typical brochure site where information lives for long periods of time. The Folk Fest website needs to be modular and nimble, with content that changes seasonally as different organizational priorities ebb and flow.

Creative Strategy and Concepting
Copywriting and Content
UX, Digital Design, and Development

With a brand strategy and a deep understanding of their audience in place, we worked with ATB and Cult on ways to bring Brightside to life. Across multiple mediums and channels, our goal was to create an emotional connection between Brightside and its audience of people who were ready to move away from traditional banks to find something that better suited their needs. Our concepts included traditional advertising, social media, physical engagements, and more, and we also created a detailed production playbook so that future creative teams can seamlessly follow in our footsteps and keep Brightside going.

Creative Strategy and Concepting

on behalf of Cult

Smartphone camera looking at postcard

ABCRC doesn't need to encourage Albertans to recycle. Most already do. We created The Beauty of Recycling to celebrate Alberta's commitment to recycling and remind people of the good it does. Using recycled bottles and cans, we created art installations of several sizes to demonstrate the second life that beverage containers can live. We also shot behind-the-scenes videos, and photographed the pieces for print and digital advertising. 

Creative Strategy and Concepting

on behalf of Karo Group


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